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Funancial Training

Funancial Training is an organisation that aims to educate individuals and businesses on the subject of financial management.

Jackie Stewart is a Chartered Certified Accountant and a Qualified Teacher. With over 30 years experience in the accounting profession and 8 years as a teacher of vocational subjects, Jackie has worked with various groups and seen the need to combine her 2 professions with her passions to help communities better manage their finances.
Jackie's teaching style is one that involves simplifying financial terminologies in a practical, fun and pragmatic way.

Jackie's teaching observations has shown her to have a good rapport with her learners, which she uses to engage them. She works with many types of groups such as, long term unemployed mothers, seeking employment, Learners not in main stream education, Community groups, businesses, and conducts corporate training. As such Funancial training will exercise fairness and empathy to all learners, no matter what their social standing.

Be prepared to experience insight, vision and inspiration from Jackie as she explores simple and practical systems to manage your business and personal cashflow, in a fun and engaging way.


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